Can You Outsmart The Dicktionary Challenge?

Dear loy­al Redis­coverTV fol­low­ers and sub­scribers,

You must have seen our pilot on dis­cov­er­ing old school Mamak Shop snacks from your child­hood days, and we hope you were high­ly enter­tained. If you got lost some­where in the time­line and don’t know what we’re going on about, check out the Mamak Shop Chal­lenge here.

Speak­ing of chal­lenges, we’ve decid­ed to up the ante from episode 1 and go from old school to just being schooled — by the Dick­tionary Chal­lenge! Do you think your­self a lin­guist with the flair for the Eng­lish lan­guage? Well, we’re about to throw you pan­jan­drums a plat­ter of present-day words, phras­es and urban slangs to shake up your tongue, fun­ny bones and cere­bral cor­tex. Play along with our col­leagues in the Dick­tionary Chal­lenge and pit your knowl­edge against theirs!

Who knows, you might walk away a broad­ened arse­nal of vocab­u­lar­ies and new­fan­gled insults to throw at your mates.

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