Capitol Piazza Is Offering To Get You Ready For Crazy Rich Asians!

Those who have read the mas­sive­ly pop­u­lar Crazy Rich Asians nov­el by Kevin Kwan would sure­ly be antic­i­pat­ing the Sin­ga­pore pre­miere on 22 August. They’d want to see if the film is as good as the book. Those who haven’t would be excit­ed too; it’s a sur­re­al expe­ri­ence to see Sin­ga­pore land­marks like CHIJMES hog­ging a Hol­ly­wood pro­duc­tion for a change!

Whichev­er camp you belong to, one thing is guar­an­teed: it’s hard to say no to the prospect of look­ing like a mil­lion bucks — quite lit­er­al­ly. The Redis­cov­er team recent­ly chal­lenged our­selves to pull off a mil­lion dol­lar makeover by sin­gling out only one mall to comb, and we even­tu­al­ly decid­ed on the one that best mar­ries lux­u­ry and the Sin­ga­pore her­itage: Capi­tol Piaz­za.

The next time you’re here, look no fur­ther than these five top picks to get your #CRA #OOTD ready for what is arguably one of the great­est con­tem­po­rary Sin­ga­pore­an satire writ­ten yet.    

  1. Tru­e­fitt & Hill

Would you asso­ciate a man with wealth, pres­tige and class if he sport­ed unkempt out of bed hair (the actu­al out of bed look, not the care­ful­ly orches­trat­ed kind), wild bush under the chin and ungroomed skin.

Exact­ly. But thank­ful­ly, Tru­e­fitt and Hill — dubbed the old­est bar­ber­shop in the world — is here to clean you up in style and have you look right on the mon­ey. We’d real­ly rec­om­mend you give their sig­na­ture ser­vice, The Roy­al Cut, a shot; oth­er­wise, ask for the Ulti­mate Shav­ing Expe­ri­ence to groom your ‘stache into some­thing wor­thy of the Emer­ald Car­pet.

Tru­e­fitt and Hill also stocks groom­ing prod­ucts such as after­shaves, mois­turis­ers and colognes. They’re great gifts for a fel­low Bro who yearns to be a Col­in Khoo to your Nicholas Young.

  1. CYC Made To Mea­sure

If you’re seri­ous about dress­ing like a Nicholas Young in your own right, it’s best not to leave things up to chance and grab an off-the-rack suit. Because chances are, it is not going to con­tour around your unique body shape as well as a tai­lored suit.

With more than 80 years of expe­ri­ence in suit mak­ing, CYC (stands for Chi­ang Yick Ching, the founder) at Capi­tol Piaz­za is a well estab­lished, her­itage dri­ven fam­i­ly busi­ness cut­ting fab­rics to pre­ci­sion and mea­sur­ing guys up for suc­cess. CYC con­sul­tants are at hand to kick­start the tai­lor­ing process with a pri­vate sit-down to under­stand what exact­ly it is that you need out of your sec­ond skin, before tak­ing your mea­sure­ments and send­ing it off to their Ben­de­meer head office for pro­duc­tion.

Out­side of their tai­lor­ing ser­vices, they also have ready to wear options such as these print­ed short sleeved but­ton-downs (zoom in clos­er and you’d notice those are HDB flats prints!).

Don’t you know? The real­ly rich peo­ple are low pro­file and neigh­bourly that way.

  1. Sab­ri­na Goh

News out­lets went crazy over the sar­to­r­i­al splen­dour of the Crazy Rich Asians cast when they strut­ted down the Emer­ald Car­pet for the LA pre­miere of the film. As though com­ing out of the nov­el and into real life, they were report­ed­ly dressed in haute cou­ture from glitzy inter­na­tion­al design­ers.

But don’t be over­look­ing our award-win­ning local design­ers — after all, the sto­ry does take place in Sin­ga­pore! One such design­er is Sab­ri­na Goh, whose fash­ion-for­ward men’s and wom­enswear col­lec­tions can be found right here at Capi­tol Piaz­za. You’d be walk­ing out total­ly in vogue and in Sin­ga­pore­an pride — just the way it should be as you pre­pare for a screen­ing with your glam squad.   

  1. Carmi­na Shoe­mak­er

Want to walk a mile in rich peo­ples’ shoes? You could start by get­ting your­self a pair of tai­lored shoes from Carmi­na. Walk into the store at Capi­tol Piaz­za and it won’t take long to realise that these are not your ordi­nary Oxfords and loafers.

Orig­i­nat­ing from Mal­lor­ca, the tall, sym­met­ri­cal rows of arti­sanal footwear you see in the sleek car­pet­ed inte­ri­or of Carmi­na had all gone through an intri­cate process of sketch­ing on a wood­en last, leather stitch­ing and hand assem­bly. It doesn’t get any more per­son­al than that. They remind us of prized col­lec­tions you’d only find at invite-only trunk shows, except that you can come down to Capi­tol Piaz­za any­time and acquaint your feet with lux­u­ry.

  1. Sul­wha­soo

We’d be incur­ring a wrath worse than Aun­tie Eleanor’s if we didn’t end off with the best kind of pam­per­ing! Using for­mu­la­tions steep in tra­di­tion­al Kore­an herbal med­i­cine (known infor­mal­ly as Gin­se­nomics™), the Sul­wha­soo skin­care regime is known to fix skin imbal­ances so effec­tive­ly you’d look as if you’ve just burst forth from the puri­ty of a snowy cas­cade.

The Gin­seng treat­ment can also be found in Sulwhasoo’s exquis­ite spa offer­ings, among oth­er reju­ve­nat­ing facials that you could sched­ule, you know, right after your film screen­ing.  

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