Horseman (Episode 10) [Final episode]

Unseen/Unsaid: Horse­man (Episode 10) from Redis­cov­er SG on Vimeo.

With­out real­iz­ing it, 10 weeks have come and gone since we first launched the Unseen/Unsaid series. The jour­ney has been event­ful, and most impor­tant­ly, per­son­al­ly ful­fill­ing for us as sto­ry­tellers on a mis­sion. This is our mod­est attempt to freeze a slice of home as we know it now, before it once again becomes mere­ly a mem­o­ry, as it often quick­ly does in land scarce Sin­ga­pore.

We hope you have enjoyed the jour­ney with us. If you have sto­ries to tell, mem­o­ries to share about the peo­ple and places we’ve cov­ered in the series, we would like to hear them and share them too.

For now, we’ll be con­tin­u­ing our search for sto­ries in the less­er known fab­rics of com­mu­ni­ty life in Sin­ga­pore. We are always look­ing for ideas, and more impor­tant­ly, con­trib­u­tors who want to take this jour­ney with us. 🙂

Enjoy the last episode. We’ll see you soon.

The Unseen/Unsaid 10-part mini series

Episode 10. Horse­man
Derek Foo, Eliz­a­beth (Lizzy) Lee, Lim Song Lip and Jere­my Tan, 2011, 3 min­utes, Rat­ing TBA
Episode sum­ma­ry
Most Sin­ga­pore­ans are famil­iar with the honk­ing and shout­ing of their neigh­bour­hood Karung Guni men as they make their rounds, col­lect­ing the unwant­ed and the aban­doned. This sto­ry takes from the per­spec­tive of one par­tic­u­lar Karung Guni trol­ley, who sees itself as its master’s horse; rid­ing through the neigh­bour­hood and col­lect­ing the souls of the for­got­ten.

About Unseen/Unsaid
Using nar­ra­tives from every­day Sin­ga­pore­ans to per­son­i­fy for­got­ten trades and places, Unseen/Unsaid allow view­ers a glimpse into the per­son­al strug­gles of indi­vid­ual Sin­ga­pore­ans whose sto­ries draw a par­al­lel with the sur­round­ing places and land­scapes. The 10-part series is born out of a desire to pre­serve the frag­ments of Singapore’s past that is rapid­ly being replaced by new devel­op­ments.

One new episode will be released from 29 June, 2011, every Wednes­day, 11.00AM on till the week of 31 August, 2011. ‘Horse­man’ is the last episode in this 10-part mini series.

paper toys
The Unseen/Unsaid Paper Toys Col­lec­tion
As a tie-in with our Unseen/Unsaid series, Lizzy and Jere­my of the Redis­cov­er­SG crew have spent the past few months design­ing a set of five paper toys relat­ed to the people/places fea­tured in our webisodes.

These DIY paper toys are retail­ing at $20 for a set of 5. 100% of the pro­ceeds from the first 500 sets sold will go to the MILK (Main­ly I Love Kids) fund to sup­port chil­dren from dis­ad­van­taged back­grounds.

If you’ll like to buy a set, head over to our shop. Toys are sold while stocks last. We ship both local­ly and inter­na­tion­al­ly.

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