Writeboard:#2 (1 Feb 11) : CNY means.….

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We were there the entire day, in fact. We hunted down thirty-six souls (albeit one vir­tual, via twit­ter) who were friendly enough to help our cause, in shar­ing with us what Chi­nese New Year meant to them.

Six hours, no less. Amid the inter­mit­tent rain, the sun, the crowd, the humid­ity, but nope, we were def­i­nitely not com­plain­ing. We sol­diered on, at times ques­tion­ing the mean­ing of life, but we suc­ceeded in get­ting our golden thirty-six. (btw, this six hours included a 40minute queue at a par­tic­u­larly awe­some soya-sauce chicken stall at Chi­na­town Com­plex that had a queue a mile long… and we decided to hop into it, how Sin­ga­porean we are, right?)

Writeboard:#1 (27 Jan 11): What makes you happy?

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What makes you happy? :]

The Redis­cover Crew hit Raf­fles Place at lunch time yes­ter­day to find out in our very first install­ment of Write­board – which will be a reg­u­lar fea­ture of Redis­cov­erSG where we hit the streets every week to cap­ture smiles.

Thank you to all 36 of you sport­ing peo­ple who gamely allowed us to cap­ture a lit­tle part of your hap­pi­ness!

Blog / Writeboard:Rediscovering Singapore

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And so we’re back, from outer space!

This year, the Redis­cov­erSG crew will be out and about the island state, shoot­ing sto­ries, giv­ing out free­bies and mak­ing cool things hap­pen. This is a col­lab­o­ra­tive effort to tell sto­ries, to bring to light the ones that mat­ter, and to remind our­selves why, despite how much and how often we love to com­plain, Sin­ga­pore will still always be home.