The Results for RediscoverSG/InstagramSG Challenge are out!

Boon Wai Choi- The Unknown Famous
Did you know that besides the five Mer­lion stat­ues that are offi­cial­ly rec­og­nized by the STB, there are a few oth­er con­sid­er­ably sized stat­ues locat­ed around the island? Like this one which is sit­u­at­ed at the heart­land of the Ang Mo Kio Grove estate. It might not be there to attract tourist, but it cer­tain­ly does give some roar to the area. And it comes in a pair!

Good day one and all! Out of the 460 entries sub­mit­ted, we have got a win­ner for the chal­lenge! This is the win­ning entry from Boon Wai Choi enti­tled, “The Unknown Famous”. Lit­tle did we know that there are con­sid­er­ably sized Mer­lion stat­ues around Sin­ga­pore, thank you for let­ting us know about them! Besides Boon Wai’s insta­gram entry, there are also many oth­er great pho­tographs out there and we feel that some of them deserve to be men­tioned as well.

We have col­lat­ed our top 20 favorite pho­tographs and they are not pre­sent­ed in any order.

Dyah Peni Tunjung Sari
Dyah Peni Tun­jung Sari: Bis­cuits bis­cuits … they are not for you to eat.
Dyah Peni Tunjung Sari
Dyah Peni Tun­jung Sari: Two girls learn­ing how to fish from his dad
Evon Lim
Evon Lim: Heart­land
Fitzgerald Dizon
Fitzger­ald Dizon: You have to be always ready to take a near per­fect shot. Good thing I was able to cap­ture the quirk­i­ness of the cou­ple.
Phy: Bugis vil­lage — A photographer’s par­adise.
Ron Lin- A Breath of Fresh Air
Ron Lin: All that insan­i­ty in the city dri­ves one nuts. Hence, I took on a guid­ed tour to Chek Jawa in Pulau Ubins, a place to seek peace and just to get away from the urban­iza­tion. The child in me took over when i was shown the fas­ci­nat­ing species by the tour guide. There were the horse­shoe crabs, star fish­es, sea cucum­bers, sea anemone etc It was as though they came out live from those primary/secondary school sci­ence text­books. It was not just a breath­tak­ing sight but also a breath of fresh air no doubt.
Kar Mun- Coffeeshop talk
Kar Mun: Friend­ships are made and break at cof­feeshops, gos­sips and news are exchanged at cof­feeshops, redis­cov­er the fan­tas­tic and cheap food at good ‘ol cof­feeshop! Food is defi­nate­ly much bet­ter than food­court!
Kar Mun- Chess at HDB
Kar Mun: Join the friend­ly uncles at the HDB void decks for a friend­ly game of chess! Sin­ga­pore is the only coun­try that has chess tables pro­vid­ed under­neath the void decks to fos­ter neigh­bour­hood rela­tion­ship :))
Kar Mun- Traditional barber
Kar Mun: There’s still a hand­ful of tra­di­tion­al bar­bers still oper­at­ing under shade of the shop­hous­es.… and the trade is fast dis­ap­pear­ing as these old uncles retire.…
Van Zephyr
Van Zephyr: I love spi­ral stair­cas­es
Van Zephyr
Van Zephyr: KTM Tan­jong Pagar Rail­way Sta­tion Pho­towalk. 9 May 2011.
Victor Tan
Vic­tor Tan: As often in life, lit­tle beau­ti­ful things tend to go unno­ticed. If you look close­ly, even the sun­set in urban ter­rain can look so beau­ti­ful.
Vu Lam- Sky Bridge
Vu Lam: The con­trail from the Repub­lic ofSin­ga­pore Air Force (RSAF) air­craft cre­ates a sur­re­al con­nec­tion­be­tween the Liang Court sky­scrap­ers at Clarke Quay. To me,RediscoverSg is about look­ing at mun­dane, often over­looked spaces inSin­ga­pore with a new per­spec­tive. Con­tem­plat­ing archi­tec­ture in the­con­text of its envi­ron­ment can cre­ate a whole new expe­ri­ence.
Vu Lam- True Love Lasts
Vu Lam: In Sin­ga­pore, we are so caught up run­ning the rat race that we some­times for­get the small things. We need to pause and appre­ci­ate these pre­cious moments; Moments that tran­scend time and phys­i­cal spaces. The first step to Redis­cov­er­Sg is to redis­cov­er love, regard­less of race, reli­gion, age and sex­u­al ori­en­ta­tion.
Yvonne Yau
Yvonne Yau: A walk to remem­ber.
Thomas Gantz
Thomas Gantz: The present moment is all that ever is.
Denise Lin
Denise Lin: Old Kallang Air­port, Ter­mi­nal Build­ing. Old but still stand­ing strong.
Phy: Small city, giant dreams
Fitzgerald Dizon
Fitzger­ald Dizon: East Coast park has alot to offer. Uncov­er the end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties.
Ron Lin- Solitude
Ron Lin: The lone­some with­er­ing tree stands strong against the beau­ty of nature (paint­ed blue sky and tex­tured wet grounds) Per­haps it has nev­er been lone­ly, but being adored by the sky and land for what a strong-willed life form it is. Nonethe­less, it is what it is that inspired me to cap­ture this con­trast­ing feel.

A big thank you to all fel­low insta­gram­mers who have sub­mit­ted their pho­tographs for the chal­lenge. There will be an InstaMeet: The InstaShow this com­ing Sun­day at Crazy World Cafe, 19th June 2011, where there will be a show­case of pho­tographs from select­ed Sin­ga­pore Insta­gram­mers! Do come by if you are free as we will be giv­ing out the Gakken­Flex DIY 35mm TLR Cam­era then!

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