We Raided Our Pantry For a Snack Challenge — Here’s What Went Down

Numer­ous research stud­ies have proven that there’s a pos­i­tive cor­re­la­tion between a team of work­ers’ morale and the qual­i­ty of the office pantry. That is why we made it one of our pri­or­i­ties to always stock it up with exot­ic snacks we find dur­ing our trav­els.

Fine, we made the study up. But isn’t there a res­o­nance of truth to that? Many peo­ple would sure­ly agree! Besides hav­ing awe­some col­leagues to get you through tough days, what’s arguably awe­some-r is being with­in an arm’s reach of can’t-stop-at-one crisps and crack­ers to get some mea­sure of relief.

The fact that you need these snack attacks to get you through the day could point to how you’re get­ting more stress than ful­fill­ment out of your work. That’s why we say, do like how we do at Redis­cov­er and grab life by the neck!

Instead of devour­ing the sur­plus of snacks at our Redis­cov­er pantry and pile on the calo­ries, we took them and turned it into an episode for our baby, Redis­cov­er TV: the great snack pantry chal­lenge.

Every­one was put through a series of taste tests accord­ing to what is oppo­site of their taste pro­files (e.g. we force fed spicy snacks to those with low tol­er­ance *evil cack­le*). There were stout flavoured jel­ly beans (and Tobas­co flavoured ones) for the sweet tooth. There were sour pow­er can­dies for the squirmish. There was an innocu­ous-look­ing pink pack­aged Kore­an cup ramen that belied its spici­ness. At one point, a trans­par­ent milk tea trolling ses­sion got involved. Ok, we’ve revealed quite enough for now, watch the video below and see it for your­self!

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