Work Hard, Play Harder At New Co-working Space Room2F

Music. Sports. Art. Read­ing. The list goes on.

You may won­der what the link between these activ­i­ties is. In every aspect of our lives, we are in some way con­nect­ed to oth­ers. No man is an island. A world-renowned band can turn strangers into best friends, and lan­guage bar­ri­ers into a minor bump on the road to famil­iar­i­ty.

A splat­ter of paint and the swirl of the brush can paint a pic­ture that bridge dif­fer­ences. The book you are cur­rent­ly read­ing can, unbe­knownst to you, reveal many things about you, turn­ing you into the very open book you’re hold­ing.

Room2F is the space where all these intan­gi­bles take place.

Locat­ed at Upper Thom­son, Room2F is a new pay-per-minute co-work­ing space that plays upon the con­cept of a liv­ing room — the com­mon area where fam­i­lies and friends gath­er, play board games, watch the tube and just hang out. Sit­ting as a lit­er­al room on the sec­ond floor, Room2F is the hide­out and gath­er­ing spot of children’s fan­ta­sy — brought to life and made mag­i­cal even for adults.

Upon ascend­ing the stairs to the space where Stan­dard Char­tered Bank used to occu­py, you’d be greet­ed with bands’ posters and soft music, and tall shelves stocked with more than 300 mag­a­zines of vary­ing inter­ests. You’ve got puz­zles, board games and even a retro arcade! Yes, a retro arcade machine that looks like it is hauled right out of the noughties — one that would sure­ly pro­vide a sweet relief from the ardu­ous grind or bor­ing meet­ings.

The snack bar and mini pantry are packed with bev­er­ages and the assort­ment of cook­ies will sat­is­fy the occa­sion­al hunger pangs as you bend over your assign­ments. For $6 per hour, the buf­fet spread of activ­i­ties is def­i­nite­ly great val­ue for your mon­ey. Even if you wish to mere­ly sit down and engage in your own leisure­ly hob­by (Room2F once enter­tained a lady who came in just to do some knit­ting), the space wel­comes you with free Wifi and charg­ing points.

Tied togeth­er by their com­mon love for May­day, a Tai­wanese band, Edgar Lim and Flo­rence Chua (known sim­ply as Ed and Flo) start­ed Room2F to invite oth­ers to tie their knots of fate. You nev­er know who you could meet at Room2F; you could be cel­e­brat­ing your cur­rent friend­ships, or you could sud­den­ly be mak­ing a new friend. A few years before Room2F came about, the cou­ple had start­ed Crazy World Cafe, a lit­tle indie cafe that sup­ports local music and design. Bring­ing over their beloved rem­nants from Crazy World Cafe, you can antic­i­pate and keep your eyes peeled for events host­ed at Room2F.

Room2F, to us, is a remake of the social inter­ac­tions of the past, remind­ing us that fat­ed meet­ings are still a real thing, despite us hav­ing been washed over by the dig­i­tal wave. The space itself is a nov­el­ty wait­ing to be dis­cov­ered, but the human essence in the core of this bril­liance is some­thing we once knew and is to be — redis­cov­ered.

Speak­ing of redis­cov­er­ies, you could even find your teenage romance of days past — check out the short film to see what went down at Room2F recent­ly!

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